1. On set training some young actors how to fight
    On set training some young actors how to fight
  2. Sheriff from James Dean video
    Sheriff from James Dean video
  3. Death
  4. Hired Assassin
    Hired Assassin
  5. on set of "Gangsters"
    on set of "Gangsters"
  6. Viking warrior
    Viking warrior
Like a lot of action actors, Timothy L. Raynor began his acting career as a stuntman and fight choreographer.  He started studying martial arts as a child and became a Master Level Instructor.  In the early 1980s, Raynor put his skills into action when he was cast as the killer in "Final Exam" which took place on a college campus where he methodically and artistically picked off students that were studying for their final exams.

While teaching traditional martial arts in Rockford, Illinois he was cast to play a hitman in another film "Drop Off" written, produced and directed by Richard Diaz. Raynor choreographed the fight scenes when he was not in front of the camera.

At a benefit in Charles Town landing Raynor pulled off an incredible 1200 pound icebreak.

He also played "Man Mountain Dean" in the TV series "Wildlife Wars".  Also seen in the film "Listening",  LA Boxing's spoof,  a spoof trailer for the blockbuster "Godzilla", a Nike ad and he played a sheriff in the music video "James Dean by Chelsea Bain.