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On the last day of the Denver Starfest, we got a chance to sit down with Tim Raynor and Traceeanne Kimball creators of Starfighters: The Praetorian Issue.

Starfighters is a new movie under development for 2017 Where did you get the concept for Starfighters? How did you develop it?

Tim: It first started out as a new T.V. pilot for Star trek.
Tracee: We created a whole new concept for my former boss, Brannon Braga. But the studio didn’t like it, What? Why?
Tim: it was about a Roman legion that was abducted by aliens and turned into their warriors to cover plans. Of course the studiosfelt it resembled Stargate SG1. If you look at our own real history the Romans actually conquered the Pharos.  So, we turned it around and created a whole new universe with the Praetorians being the bad guys coming back to earth and going to Rome. They want to come back to Rome because that is where they are from. What can you tell me about yje actors you already have signed on?

Tim: Well I play the Martial Arts Practitioner and former SEAL Jack Carson. He is, genetically enhanced with increased speed and strength by DNA left by Gaea at Mt Olympus. I read that Gigi Edgley was signed on?
Tracee: Yes.  I had just sign ed Virginia Hey and I get a call from Gigi askin g about the concept. While we're speaking I can  already imagine her as Dr. Cayla Monroe. Who is actually a true mutant with a chameleon like ability; She can walk into walls and become part of the wall. You have Mr Homme, too?
Tim:  Carel Struycken , yes, we do.  I met him at a Chicago con vention where I was  doing some bodyguard work. We've been friends since. So carel will play Rish who is more like a snake or reptilian like creature is going through a very bad couple of days and his logical is gonna go down and its gonna take everyone else to keep him from killing someone because he is in a bad mood. How'd you come up with his character?

Tim: I have studied herpetology and paleontology and a few years ago, Scientific American did a study that said, if the dinosaurs hadn't gone extinct we'd all be reptilian .   With Rish, we create a character whose entire species was swept away when the comet destroyed Earth and the dinosaurs.  His species was swept to another dimension where they've evolved 65,000,000 years ahead of humans. Rish was a bounty hunter whose craft crashed at Roswell in 1947.  He'd ejected out and landed in Northern Laos where he'd been in stasis until Captain carson and his SEAL team found and rescued him. He is a playboy, he also loves video games and VR games. Now, you have Mark Alaimo (Gul Dukat from DS9) on board.
Tracee: Yes. I called Screen Actors Guild and got a phone number.  It went directly to Marc. We spoke for hours and he loved the concept.

Tim: He is a wonderful unbelievable guy, he shared his experience with his own home improvement, and he is Italian and asked  me to give him a history lesson about The Romans. So briefly tell me how you both developed the story?
Tim: There was this one General "Leonius Urelius" who had 15 legions and who was faithful to the Gods of Roman mythology These Gods thrived on the attention but with the rise of other faiths/religion (Christianity…) the attention they sought started to diminish and they felt betrayed and then wanted to destroy earth. However, Gaea, mother earth, stood up to Zeus/Juno and said you can’t destroy it. It is my planet and you can’t destroy it! So that’s when Zeus decided to take this Roman legion, along with this General, and leave. However, in doing so and possibly foreseeing the future, as no one else could, left behind traces of his DNA. Gaea, with an ability of her own to foresee the future mixed her DNA with his and that’s the DNA for an archaeologist to find after World War II. (smiling) And you got Apollo himself for that role!
Tracee: (smiling) Yes! I loved Michael Forest in the original Star Trek series "Who Mourns For Adonais"  He loved the concept too and we sign ed him to play Archaeologist and Geneticist Dr Sebastian Carter. When do you plan on getting filming started?

Tim: Right now we have a teaser we filmed that we are launching a campaign  on Indie G
o Go. Once we raise funding,  we would do 6 to 8 weeks of training. How about a Director?

Tim: That is up in the air right now.
Tracee: I have worked with Roxann Dawson on Star Trek Enterprise. She's amazing! I am planning on approaching her once we have the funds. So after the movie comes out you want to develop a TV series?

Tim:That was the whole thing with the plan; I want to do a movie first and then cut it down and make it in to a TV pilot. You are getting two birds with one stone. We wish you all the best.  Go to and check them out on facebook, too at  Thisis a great concept. Show your support .  Every little bit helps.
Tracee: Every single supporter will get something; t shirt, lunch with their favorite actor, a walk on role... There you have it, folks! A big thanks to Tim Raynor and Traceeanne Kimball for speaking with us.