Garrett Wang
    as  Chen Sing

John DeLancie
 as Neil Munroe

Nick  Tate as
Macdonald Cochran
Michael Forest as
Dr Sebastian Carter
Ambassador for Chinese Coalition and free trade within the United Earth Alliance
The Director of U.S Strategic affairs who manages Science and Military Teams
The Archaeologist who discovered DNAwith a genetic code that enables him to create humans that are enhanced and evolved from the masses.
Astronaut & inventor of FTL technology

 Carel Struycken                             as Rish

      Dominick Keating                               
               as Meech

          Gary Graham
as Gen. Marshall Terry

       Anthony Montgomery  
         as Noel Croyir

Alien trader from the Orion Galaxy who helps Earth become a centralized point for trade and proving that Humanity is no longer alone in the universe!
Specially skilled in learning a variety of languages;The Alliance's Negotiator
Reptiloid Bounty Hunter whose craft crashed at Roswell in 1947
A hard -ass but fair Marine General, second-in-commnd of Alliance Forces and good friend with Adm Munroe

Marc Alaimo 
as The Excellency

        Nigel Bennett
as The Viceroy

         Gigi Edgley
  V.P Natalie Raines

        Virginia Hey
          as Adelphia

Formerly known as the Roman General Leonius Urelius, After 2000 years he has found a way back through dimensions to return to Rome so he can finally rule.
Military advisor to the
Royal family and the Excellecy with an agenda of his own once they return to Earth.
Secretly consiring to overthrow the President due to her grand delusions of how the U.S should handle contact with Aliens
Secretly came to warn Earth of a pending invasion by the praetorians. Seeks asylum on Earth in exchange for intel and technology

    Michael D Adamthwaite
             as Centurian Tiberius

Manu Intiraymi as Hank "Scooter" Abrams

            Dwight Schultz
          as Julius Lang

Joseph Kucan
Maxwell Freeman

Youngest son of Excellency always competing with Marcus - prone to intense fits of rage.
Engineering and Mechanical genius always creating technology and weapons that helps his uncle's bar .
Eccentric Scientific Genius & Inventor formerly worked for CERN
Director of underground organization known only as Omega 1

Tracey Anne Kimball
as Mackenzie Cochran

       PeiPei Alena Yuan  as  Tori Yamamoto

  Timothy L. Raynor as Jack "Kit Carson"

   Marco Khan
  as Cdr Hassan Salir

Born in China but trained in Japan by a monk who taught her Martial Arts and is known by the navy as "a lethal weapon"
Daughter of Macdonald Cochran - born  and able to teleport from one place to another as a "human dust devil"-   Air Force Fighter Pilot
Born with enhanced speed and strength -  a Martial Arts Practgitioner and former Seal and "No Nonsense Attitude"!
A Colonel in The Middle Eastern coalition for democracy and Head of Security for The Alliance

          Arne Starr
as Ulysses "Shotgun" Grant

    Herb Hunter
Pres John Hunter

Ron McPherson as
Edison "Cookie" Thornbill

   Kaitlen Jan Roy-Ross    
     as Samira Blackwell

Owner of "Shotguns Bar n Grill" - former CIA controller that worked closely with Jack and Tori on missions.
Left as a baby at Omega 1- she was the recipient of genetic manipulation and has pyrokinetic ability.
Master Chief Petty Officer -joined Navy at young age- after tasting military food decided to become the Navy's Culinary Chef 
Former Air Force Colonel - now President Elect of the North American Alliance.

Minchi Murakami
as Chief Petty Officer Mako Lee

       Simon Acok
as Petty Officer Kyle Jackson

           Robbie Allen
as Petty Officer Kevin Riley

Demolitions and Weaponry Specialist
IT and Communications specialist
Tactical and Infilitration Specialist

Roles To Be Cast:

Rear Adm.Joe Jackson
is the director of NSA/CSS.

   Centurian            Marcus

        Josiah Deetz

        Cayla Munroe

     Lt-Gen. Aleks Salir

   Emma McMahon

Daughter of Neil Munroe - born a "human chameleon"- rebellious of her ability she grows up wild and with a complete disregard for authority.
Found as a boy by Omega 1 he is a skilled IT and can hack any software
 -Senior Flight Controller at San Francisco Airport
USAF and an Intelligence Operative of NSA/CSS
Eldest son of The Excellency-
He is a  man of might and honor